CHILTON COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — The completion of the Alabama Farm Center in Chilton County is facing delays.

The Alabama Farmer’s Federation, one of the major investors involved with the $55 million project, says lack of communication between project heads has been a major factor in the delay. Both the city of Clanton and Chilton County commissioners are working alongside ALFA to see to the project’s completion.

During a meeting held last week, the partners decided to appoint a representative from each organization to stay up to date with the latest developments with the center.

A delay in building materials has been also an issue with the steel needed to make parts of the center is currently backlogged for 50 weeks. ALFA representatives are also waiting for a permit to be approved to build on the land as well. Since the project was first launched, ALFA’s priorities have included creating the design, layout, changing the deed, and handling the cost of the project.

“We can’t spend another dime at the park until the deed is changed. Otherwise, we could spend $10 to $20 million and not complete this thing and that’s just money lost,” said Matthew Durdin, director of external affairs for ALFA. “It turns back over to the county and the city.”

Durdin said ensuring Clanton and the Chilton County Commission handle their respective roles has also been an issue. However, he said that over the past week, communication has improved with both the Clanton and the commission and hopes those efforts continue.

The project is slated to be completed by 2023.