Connecticut mother facing charges for leaving baby in a hot car while she worked out

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(WIAT) — A Connecticut mother is facing charges for leaving her baby in a hot car. Police say she left the baby in her hot car while she went to the gym.

An assistant teacher’s quick thinking is credited with saving the child. She heard the baby crying and called 911.

Firefighters broke into the car to rescue the 4-month-old boy.

Jen Pennucci, a witness, said, “The baby was definitely hot when I touched her toes. She wasn’t sweaty but could tell had been crying a while and under distress.”

Police say the 46-year old mother left her baby in the car twice that day while she went to the gym.

First, it was for an hour. The second time, half an hour.

She is charged with risk of injury to a child and leaving a child unattended.

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