City of Tuscaloosa backs out of plan to remove geese from forest lake neighborhood

TUSCALOOSA, Ala (WIAT) - The City of Tuscaloosa is no longer taking action after several complaints about a large number of geese and ducks in the Forest Lake neighborhood. The city originally planned to remove the geese this month, but announced they are backing out of that plan on Thursday.
Geese and duck droppings can be seen all over sidewalks and in peoples' yards. Some residents say the geese can also display aggressive behavior towards pets and children.
Kishan Patel lives in the neighborhood.
“Every time I take him for a walk I’m always stepping on droppings, and that’s something you don’t want when you’re in this area.” said Patel.
Despite that, Patel and other residents do not want the geese to be removed. Patel says he just wishes the city would ensure the animal droppings could be removed from sidewalks,and public areas.
Carter Ashton says he wants the animals to stay because it reminds him of a time before the 2011 tornado.

“I think that’s unfortunate. I think it would be nice if they could come up with a way that we could all share the area.” said Ashton.
Linda Bunn's family owns a home in neighborhood and she visits often. Bunn tells CBS 42 she would like to see the geese and ducks go, “You don’t have to feed them, they are aggressive no matter what. Then when they have little ones, they become much more aggressive.” 
The city was planning to remove the geese and ducks by the end of June, but backed out after realizing the animals would have to be killed to do so. Now residents are left wondering what can be done about the issue.

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