Tarrant alleges former youth football commissioner stole over $6,000; former commissioner denies claims

Local News
October 02 2021 06:00 pm

TARRANT, Ala. (WIAT) — Tarrant Mayor Wayman Newton and Parks and Recreation Director Scott Evans say $6,158.73 is missing from the youth football program. The missing money led to the dismissal of former commissioner David Warren.

The city claims the money was deposited into Warren’s account; however, he says the account they are referring to may have his name on it, but the funds are specifically meant to be used for the football program.

“The funding with the sports engine account that they say I allegedly stole, it shows that the funding was still in the account along with other funding,” said Warren.

Mayor Newton held a Zoom meeting on Wednesday with parents in the league about the funds and other issues with fees. Warren said that Newton and Evans have wrongfully accused him of a crime.

“Instead of going out and making allegations that’s just not true,” Warren said.

Evans and Newton say they asked him to come to City Hall with the money that was missing, but they claim he never came.

“I felt like he lied to me,” Evans said.

Evans said he checked Service Sports Engine, the app used for the funds, to see what was going on with the money. When he checked, he says the money didn’t add up on his end.

“I went in and the money was being taken out of the account since March. And this money was money that was supposed to be used to pay for uniforms,” Evans said.

Warren said he does not want to pursue any legal action against the city. All he wants is his position back and coach.

“Me getting back to my youth organization and preferably preparing my kids for the youth football season at hand,” Warren said.

Evans believes what Warren did to the league and parents is wrong. He hopes all parents receive refunds from this situation.

“I think that is walking a thin line. I think that’s very dangerous,” Evans said.

As of now, the city has not filed an official report against Warren, but expect to soon. Warren also has legal representation in this case.

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