City of Pinson to study flood plain in order to prevent further issues

Local News

PINSON, Ala. (WIAT) – Flooding has been a problem for many cities in Central Alabama. The Pinson City Council recently approved a measure to hire a group to study the flood plain off Main Street in order to prevent any further issues. If the study says they can, they’ll work on financial details on how they can afford to fix it.

Mayor Joe Cochran says the study could take a couple of months to complete, but believes it’s time to see if they can truly fix the flooding problem.

“It stamens growth. It stamens your ability to have a viable main street and most people want to have a viable main street,” Cochran said.

Business owners in the area are hoping the study can fix the issue. Kevin Nelson, the owner of Price’s Ice Cream on Main Street, opened for business a week ago. He says so far, business has been pretty good.

“I’ve been blown away that everyone has just loved it. No one has had a negative word. It’s all so positive,” Nelson said.

“Only way for people to just lovin these hotdogs and ice cream and it’s a good time we’re having here. Because I’m having a good time doing it,” Nelson said.

But he is concerned when it comes to heavy rain causing floods. He says before the shop opened, there have been a couple of instances over the years where flood waters would rise in the building.

“There’s been a foot deep twice in here in the last 15 years. And that’s what has caused decay in this building and why I didn’t do anything,” Nelson said.

Mayor Cochran says they are prepared for whatever the study tells them they can or can’t do. He, along with other city leaders, just want to know the answer.

“It’s an effort to give Pinson a main street they want and give business owners to do the kind of business the people of Pinson want them to do,” Cochran said.

And Nelson hopes the city finds those answers. Even if it takes one scoop at a time.

“Till they do a survey and find out exactly what they can do to fix the problem down here,” Nelson said.

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