NORTHPORT, Ala. (WIAT) – The city of Northport is taking the next step in potentially creating their own school district.

On Tuesday, the City Council passed a resolution that would pay the law firm Boardman, Carr, Petelos, Watkins & Ogle, P.C. no more than $15,000 to have discussions with the city administrator about how the plan could work moving forward.

Northport Mayor Bobby Herndon says they’ve needed to create their own school system for some time. He says not having one has hurt them financially in the past and believes doing so will help draw more business. While he is thankful for all the help the Tuscaloosa County School system has provided them, he believes it’s time to make the switch.

“But it’s time for the citizens of Northport to put our big boy pants on. And say ‘hey, we’re not just somebody’s suburb,” Herndon said.

“We are a strong, growing, vibrant city. And we need to take care of our children,” Herndon said.

Mayor Herndon says it could take months to gather all the information for the process.