CHELSEA, Ala. (WIAT) — The restaurant industry continues to be hit hard throughout the pandemic with many restaurants being forced to close their doors permanently due to hiring shortages.

One of those restaurants in Central Alabama is Chubbfathers in Chelsea. Owner Will Cholewinski said business was good, but they didn’t have enough workers with the staff levels being reduced as low as four people. For Cholewinski, continuing to be open would not have allowed Chubbfathers to effectively operate, so he chose to close their doors.

Despite the closing of Chubbfathers, Cholewinski said he is moving forward with his other businesses in the restaurant industry.

“Glory to God building our first standalone Chubbfathers in Alabaster. It was supposed to be ready next month, but due to corona and those type of things aren’t coming into December. So it will be the middle of next year before our brand new standalone building outside patio drive-thru would be open,” Cholewinski said.

If things start to turn around, Cholewinski isn’t ruling out reopening Chubbfathers. In the meantime, he’s willing to cater and bring his food truck out to communities.