Chilton County woman survives Wednesday night storms

Local News

CHILTON COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — In Chilton County over three homes were destroyed and five damaged from Wednesday nights tornado. The National weather service confirmed an EF-2 tornado hit the area. 

Chilton County resident Tina Cox’s home was completely destroyed. She lost everything from clothing, pictures, to furniture. On Thursday, she said she’s staying optimistic as she cleans up what’s left of her home as she’s lucky to be alive and with her family.

Homes, cars, and powerlines were damaged along county road 37 in Chilton County. 

“That can be rebuilt. the memories are gone. My mom’s stuff is gone but I’m still alive and my brothers’ kids and that’s all that counts,” Tina Cox, a Chilton County resident that survived Wednesday night’s storm, said.

Cox said she received multiple warnings that a tornado was headed her way Wednesday night.

“So, I come out on the porch and I just see in the distance a rain cloud,” Cox said. “It was dark, a little gray, and just hard rain. But all of a sudden it pooped out a huge tee out the side of it and that’s when I panicked.”

Cox said she rushed to her car and drove down the road to her brother’s house to seek shelter with family. 

“By the time I got here to over there in two minutes my barn here had it hit the top of my car busted every window out of it,” Cox said.

Livelihoods uprooted and the landscape changed forever.

“As you can see the homes are destroyed everything, they worked for all their lives and their family air looms and priceless pictures are all gone,” John Shearon with Chilton County Sheriff Department said.

Despite so much devastation and loss in Chilton County residents, community memebers and families are staying optimistic that there are better days ahead.

“The community always comes together to try and help any way they possibly can that’s what’s happening today,” Shearon said.

“Clean up and I’ll stay with my daughter and son and be out here every day to help,” Cox said. 

Cox said there a lot of work that still needs to be done from a new porch, bedroom, and a storage shed. But she plans to keep the original foundation as this home and land as been in her family for over 100 years. 

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