Childhood friends invent product to benefit developers, environment

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Two lifelong friends from Shelby County are working to make construction sites more eco-friendly. They’ve come up with a new way to manage stormwater runoff, and they’re calling it Flood-Con.

Heavy rains at a construction site can lead to flooding and water pollution, and traditional runoff control methods can be overwhelmed by a big storm. Jon Rasumussen and Chris Wilder have come up with a high-tech solution.

The two grew up on the same street in Vincent, Alabama.

“We all traveled in the same circles, just in a small town,” said Wilder.

They wound up at Auburn University together. Rasmussen is now a civil engineer, and he said he was on the job one day when he came across a problem.

“I was running my hydrology and realized I was going to flood somebody downstream,” he explained.

Then he had an idea: a smart control system for the retention pond. For help, he reached out to his friend, Wilder.

“He had all these spreadsheets — the largest spreadsheets I’ve ever seen in my life. Just stuff. Multiple ones connected to each other. And finally I just went, ‘Oh! I see what you’re doing!’” Wilder said.

They formed a company called Flood-Con. They say with their device, nicknamed “The Beast,” developers can use a smaller water retention pond, potentially saving the developer tens of thousands of dollars. The controlled release of runoff results in less erosion and pollution from flooding.”

“To see it out there and to actually see it sending us information, it’s just the biggest exciting thing that could ever happen to me,” said Rasmussen.

Learn more about Flood-Con HERE.

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