Central Alabamians react to Facebook, Instagram outage

Local News

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – In what felt like an eternity of no liking photos or seeing comments on numerous topics, Facebook, Instagram, and Whats App were down for six hours Monday.

But during that time, some in Central Alabama enjoyed time away from social media. Christopher Smith works in local radio and says he has to use social media for his job close to 70% of the time. He believes the social media outage put things into perspective on how often people use social media.

“So, I just feel like social media has started to become the most important thing in everybody’s lives. Whether we believe it or not. And sometimes, we have to take a step back into reality,” Smith said.

But some had a hard time with the outage. Since Facebook was down, no one could do live streams or updates, including local municipalities and news outlets. CBS 42 Digital Anchor Phil Pinarski says instead of seeing social media updates from first responder groups or local governments, they had to keep in constant communication with Public Information Officers throughout the day. He says social media like Facebook and Twitter play a vital role in how they are able to share stories and how people can get their information.

“I think that if those are both down, or if one or the other is down, it really does kind of impact a lot of peoples way of getting the news and kind of staying informed and everything,” Pinarski said.

All three websites are back up, but some are still dealing with minor issues.

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