Cell phone causes fire in Connecticut

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HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Be careful of where you charge your cell phone warns Hamden mother Kimberly Johnson. She learned that the hard way after her 15-year-old son made an unexpected cry for help from his bedroom early last Friday.

Johnson found her son’s bed and pillow on fire. Investigators say his Samsung phone, charging on the bed as he slept, sparked the flames.

“I think it’s something that not a lot of people think about, that the cell phones do have a potential hazard where they can start a fire,” said Hamden Deputy Fire Marshal Timothy Lunn.

“We don’t want this incident to happen again,” said Johnson.

Lunn says cell phones themselves don’t usually catch on fire, but if they’re left to charge in area where they can get hot, the results can be dangerous.

“During the charging process these things make heat and they need to breathe,” said Lunn. “If they are left on a soft surface like a bed, a couch, pillow, they aren’t able to do that.”

Lunn recommends:

  • Never charging an electronic device that is covered by something like pillow
  • Making sure an electronic device is on a hard, flat surface while it’s charged
  • Never blocking air vents on the sides when charging a device like a laptop

And as Johnson will tell you, never leave the device on a bed while sleeping.

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