BIRMINGHAM Ala. (WIAT) — Celebrities and philanthropists are in Birmingham tonight to support acceptance of sensory inclusion. KultureCity hosted its ninth ball to promote more acceptance of those with sensory needs and invisible disabilities.

The KultureBALL 2022 is a celebration of inclusion. KultureCity says its goal is to be more inclusive to those struggling with PTSD, autism, dementia and down syndrome. Everyone at tonight’s event is supporting KultureCity by raising funds for programs that will help those in need.

NBA hall of famer, Dominique Wilkins says sensory needs often get overlooked. As the father of a sensory needs daughter, he says it’s important to continue educating others on the subject.

He says the KultureBALL 2022 is a way to showcase the work being done to help those with sensory needs and to further educate others on how they can lend a hand.

“This is a movement that has to be talked about and has to be made and we have to have people, hopefully have people to join our fight and really making people understand how important this is that their lives matter too,” said Wilkins.

Athlete and award recipient, Zion Clark, has been recognized for his ability to persevere and achieve greatness through extreme adversity. Clark wants to prove to the world that greatness can be achieved no matter who you are or where you come from.

“It’s like, just being here and me being here is a statement of truth to show that it doesn’t matter if you’re disabled or if you’re not disabled. You can still be an elite,” said Clark.

AEW wrestler, Ricky Starks, partnered with KultureCity to create sensory rooms for guests to utilize while attending live wrestling events.

Starks says the progress he has made with the nonprofit to positively impact those in need is held near and dear to his heart.

“It’s just because of the impact that I can see on people that I can hear in their voice when they tell me their stories about when they come to the shows, the wrestling shows and they say ‘Thank you so much for having something that I can go into and still watch wrestling and love it,” said Starks.

Starks along with other partners of KultureCity say they hope to see their mission grow and impact others for many years to come.