Celebrate National Pecan Day at Buc-ee’s

Local News

LEEDS, Ala. (WIAT) — Wednesday is National Pecan Day! When thinking about pecans, it’s hard not to think of Buc-ee’s and their special cinnamon brown sugar roasted pecans.

Buc-ee’s signature cinnamon sugar roasted pecans at the beginning of the roasting process. Look below to see them caramelized.

Since opening in Leeds in January, their “Sweet Street” staff has been racing to keep up with demand. 

At the Buc-ee’s location in Leeds, their assortment of roasted nuts are among their most popular products says Food Service Manager Nicholas Parker.

“This is the perfect place to spend pecan day,” Parker said. “As well as sugar roasted pecans, we have pecan fudge, we have pecan everything. We have a huge nut section.”

Where better to spend National Pecan Day than Buc-ee’s? In additon to their classic roasted pecans, they offer pecan fudge.

So how does Buc-ee’s make their signature nuts?

“Tender love and care, a lot of TLC,” Parker said with a grin. “It’s a sugar-cinnamon roast. That’s about all I can [share] at this moment.”

Since Buc-ee’s is open 24-7, their staff is roasting pecans, cashews and almonds around the clock. So, if you haven’t celebrated the nutty holiday, it’s not too late. Buc-ee’s will be boasting their wide variety of nuts long after the holiday is over.

“The pecans are the best, they really are,” Parker said. “We have them all day, everyday, 24/7.”

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