BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Birmingham Police are increasing their presence in high-crime areas as part of Operation Close Out to help cut down on crime.

On Thursday, CBS 42 had a chance to ride along with BPD to see how it all works.

We hit the road with Officer Bradley Cole after a quick roll call as Birmingham police officers dispersed across the northeast side.

“Even though we’re conducting this operation with a little bit more force, the is a daily operation, at least for our unit, that we do every single day,” Cole said.

Operation Close Out has BPD tracking down people with a violent history of violent charges whether weapons or domestic-related. For the holidays, they are upping patrols working to get violent criminals off the streets.

“If we can get somebody that we know is a problem in our community that is especially causing violent crimes, that’s good enough to at least get them off the streets and let the justice system do its part,” Cole said.

Partnered up with Officer Oglesby, the duo worked together to find expired tags and stolen or previously stolen cars.

“There’s ups and downs with the job,” Cole said. “You just gotta know how to roll with the punches with it.”

With nearly 12 years of experience with BPD, Cole said satisfaction comes from helping people and making a difference. He also wants the public to know that, as long as you’re not a violent criminal, police officers will work with you if you are willing to do the same with them.

“Not all police officers are bad. You have bad people in every aspect of this world that we live in and every job but not all of us are bad,” Cole said. “The majority of us if not all of us want to make a difference and try to help in the best possible ways that we can.”

The push for Operation Close Out goes until the end of the year.