TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Tuscaloosa Police investigators are trying to track down thieves who stole catalytic converters from several non-profit agencies who help people in Tuscaloosa.

Habitat for Humanity Director Ellen Potts tells CBS 42 someone stole a catalytic converter off her delivery truck Tuesday morning in the Habitat parking.

“We came in the morning to find that thieves in the night had stolen our catalytic converter from our Restore pick-up and delivery truck,” Potts said. “This is the second time it’s been stolen, it was stolen in August and cost 29- hundred dollars to have it fixed.”

Habitat for Humanity builds houses for struggling families who need a good home.  Potts says she is upset that anyone would steal from a nonprofit agency that helps the community.

“It makes me angry but even more it makes me sad,” Potts said. “It’s a special kind of bad that someone would steal from a nonprofit because we feel like we are doing the Lord’s work.”

Tuscaloosa Police Deputy Chief Sebo Sanders says this crime will not be tolerated.

“No we are not going to tolerate it we are going to beef up patrols and our investigators are going to looking into the case to bring closure to that organization,” Sanders said.

Police say SD Allen Ministries was also a victim. In July, thieves stole a catalytic converter from a car in the parking lot. The ministry gives away beds to needy families.

Ellen Potts wants those responsible apprehended.

“We could buy roofing materials for one or two houses; we could do a couple of wheelchair ramps.  There are all kinds of things we can do with that money but we will have to spend it to repair our truck now,” Potts said.

If anyone would like to donate money toward fixing the Habitat for Humanity truck, they can go to www.HabitatTuscaloosa.org and click on the donate button.