BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — With canine influenza cases on the rise in Birmingham, Dr. Andy Sokol with the Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic joined the CBS 42 Morning News to discuss how to protect your pet.

Last month, an outbreak of kennel cough ran rampant throughout Birmingham, and after further testing veterinarians concluded that this was an issue caused by a particular strain of the canine flu.

Some of the symptoms of dog flu include a runny nose, fever, eye discharge and reduced appetite. However, not all dogs show signs of infection. If you notice your dog exhibiting any of these symptoms or simply behaving differently, Sokol says that you should contact your veterinarian immediately to talk treatment options.

To prevent your pup from contracting the flu, Sokol says to make sure they are vaccinated and to stay away from areas where large groups of dogs could be present. Examples of those include: dog parks, pet stores, and boarding facilities.

If you do have to take your dog to the vet, Dr. Sokol recommends curbside services instead of going inside. In an effort to reduce the spread of canine influenza, several businesses have reduced the number of pets they allow inside the facility or shut down completely. The Greater Birmingham Humane Society recently suspended all dog adoptions after several animals tested positive for the disease.

Although extremely contagious among dogs, the CDC says there is no evidence that dog flu can be transmitted from animals to humans with not even a single case ever being reported.