CALERA, Ala. (WIAT) — A recent uptick of school bus-related accidents in central Alabama is causing concern.

Last week, a 15-year-old student from Appalachian High School in Blount County was struck and killed while waiting for the bus.

The Calera Police Department is looking at a new way to keep students safe while traveling to and from school. It is placing police officers on school buses in Calera to crack down on speeders and other problems that could lead to crashes at school bus stops.

These officers will be responsible for documenting incidents and catching offenders who don’t stop for school buses, drive around them at bus stops or speed through bus stops.

Calera Police Department Chief David Hyche said those offenders will receive a ticket.

“The officer is going to radio the information,” Hyche said. “He going to be the witness, and we’re going to issue those tickets.”

“Them being able to see it and spot it right away — maybe it will get some people to slow down when they know ‘Hey, maybe there is a cop watching me’ because they have to spot check,” Calera parent Tyneshia Rice said.