CALERA, Ala. (WIAT) — Toddlers are always finding new things to get their hands on, or in this case, get their hands in.

Kris Watson posted a video on her Facebook over the weekend showing her 2-year-old son, Grant Watson McKinley, with his arm stuck in a vase.


In the video, Watson said, he stuck a flute inside the vase and stuck his harm inside trying to get it out, but then he also found himself stuck inside.

She took him to the Calera Fire Department and our front line workers were able to help the family out. With a few tugs and turns, the vase eventually slipped off and the toddler’s arm reappeared without a scratch.

Thankful to the fire department amid the coronavirus pandemic, Watson shared her son’s experience at the Calera Fire Department and Grant even got to take a picture on the huge fire truck.