MOODY, Ala. (WIAT) — St. Clair County is currently under a burn ban amid a statewide fire alert and drought.

The Moody Fire Department says the burn ban is in abidance of the Alabama Forestry Commission’s recommendation.

According to Moody’s fire inspector Lt. James Mulkey, the forestry is currently issuing a burn restriction.

“St. Clair County is one of the areas that you have residential burning that is allowed, unlike some other counties, especially during certain times of the year,” Lt. Mulkey said.

With the exception of cooking outdoors, Moody residents are asked to avoid burning materials of any kind such as bonfires, trash and leaves. Even throwing out a seemingly snuffed-out cigarette should be avoided, as it can cause a bigger issue for the county.

“A small ember in this dry environment with little rain and no humidity or very low humidity can cause a potential for it to travel a great distance,” Lt. Mulkey said.

Lt. Mulkey says this restriction will remain in place until further notice and the department will post updates on social media weekly.

“Until we get significant rainfall, or we get a word from the forestry commission that conditions and humidity has improved to the point where we can resume normal activities,” Lt. Mulkey said.

Lt. Mulkey said they have not experienced any issues so far. In the meantime, MFD is asking residents for patience.

They also ask if you see smoke or suspect someone is burning materials outdoors call 911, and fire crews will stop by to check the area.