Bring your own bun? Popeye’s teases 3-piece tender meal as sandwich replacement

Local News

(WIAT) — After several weeks of the Chick-Fil-A vs. Popeyes chicken frenzy, Popeyes released a new advertisement about the absence of the widely popular chicken sandwich.

In a twitter post, Popeyes announced:

Try our new BYOB! It’s basically The Sandwich! Only no mayo. Or pickles. And you bring your own bun… Really it’s just three tenders…

Last month, the Popeye’s chicken sandwich took the internet by storm, starting memes and online arguments and inspired such a large popular reception that multiple locations nationwide ran out of food, and a local Alabama location became the number one chicken sandwich place in the world (briefly).

With the new advertisement, albeit tongue-in-cheek, Popeyes appears to want customers to revisit other items on their menu… at least until the sandwich returns.

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