Bring Pierre the pup home: Homewood works together in search for missing dog

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October 02 2021 06:00 pm

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — If you’ve driven through Homewood over the last couple of weeks, you’ve likely seen signs looking for Pierre the pup.

The owners first advertised a $1,000 reward for his safe return. It’s been three weeks and they’ve raised it to $5,000. If you have any information, the Pate family asks you to contact them at 205-706-3604.

The owners first advertised a one thousand dollar reward for his safe return. Now that we’re at week three, they’ve raised it to $5,000.

“He’s not a runner, he doesn’t chase squirrels, doesn’t chase cats. He just meandered out on the yard.”

A typical morning, on Berkley Place in Homewood, turned emotional when Pierre the black English lab went missing on Aug. 7. Part of the perfect storm, the preventative measures the Pate family took to keep their pups from wandering weren’t on.

“They have an electric fence,” Ann Pate said. “That morning, he did not have his electric collar on.”

Ann and Jon Pate say they started looking for Pierre that morning – but Ann says she really started to worry after about 30 minutes on the hunt.

Pierre is an ~80 lbs. black English Labrador last seen Homewood.

“We got worried pretty quickly because this is unlike him. He’s almost 80 pounds. He’s not a fast dog. He doesn’t run for anything.”

So they put up the signs you’ve likely seen at most Homewood intersections and on most trees, But the Pates took action unlike you may have heard before.

“We decided to go up to $2,500, brought in a bloodhound from Huntsville – Ladybird – to track his scent. “

But according to the Pates, the hound’s super strong sniffer could only do so much. 

Ladybird is a bloodhound the Pates called in from Huntsville, Ala. to assist in sniffing for Pierre’s scent.

She basically lost the scent – which means he was probably picked up in a vehicle around that area.

It was time to step up the search. The Pates then hired a pet detective to cover all of their bases.

“We decided to raise the reward to $5,000 and put a lot more effort into the signs so that you cannot come in or out without knowing about Pierre.”

Now, most Homewood residents would likely recognize the squatted lab – in fact, they’ve become an enormous part of the search.

“He’s actually a neighbor of the studio,” Tony Todd, Owner of Ū4IC Yoga in Homewood said. “I know Ann the owner. Everyone is looking for him – we’ve got flyers everywhere. He’s been missing since August 7th and he’s ready to come home. We’re going to have a huge paw party for Pierre as soon as he gets back!”

The Pates adopted Pierre, at 2, from a bomb-sniffing school from which he was dismissed for being ‘not driven enough,’ according to the family. Ann Pate said he’s much happier as a civilian family dog.

That support has meant the world to the Pates

It means everything. We feel really supported. Pierre is kind of like a staple this corner. He’s usually lounging on this front porch. I think people just got used to seeing him so friendly.

As they continue their search and miss their pup Pierre, the Pates say they’ll be printing, building and putting up new signs around town.

According to the Pate Family, they received a cryptic letter shortly after Pierre went missing without a return address. The letter said found – and has an inside home on Valley Avenue. To report any information to the Pate family, you can use the information below.

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