Bobcat roaming around Hoover, police say it’s not likely to be dangerous

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HOOVER, Ala.— It’s a sight you don’t see every day. A bobcat roaming around Riverchase Parkway in Hoover.

Animal control told WIAT 42 that this animal is most likely not dangerous.

“Our typical wildlife complaint is going to be coyotes and foxes, so it’s a little out the ordinary to get complaints on bobcats,” said Captain Gregg Rector.

The cat was found by Regions Bank Headquarters off Riverchase highway. Hoover police said it’s not uncommon to get reports about wild animals in populated areas.

“Wild animals, they live in the wild and sometimes those wooded areas back up into populated areas,” said Rector.

Hoover police said wild animals have most likely lived in the Riverchase community long before businesses started populating the area.

Animal control got the call about the cat on Wednesday. They will be hunting it down and catching it using a live trap on Friday.

Police said if you see the cat, just leave it alone.

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