BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Over 400 luxury apartment units, a rooftop deck and bar and private balconies are just some of the features of The 600, a redevelopment project for the AT&T City Center skyscraper building in downtown Birmingham.

Developers Varden Capital Properties, Tellus Partners and Buckhaven Construction purchased the building in 2018. David Fleming, president and CEO of Rev Birmingham, tells CBS 42 that The 600 will add more apartment options downtown.

“It’s good to see that this project is underway, which will bring life and people back to this corner of downtown,” Fleming said.

Birmingham City Council president Wardine Alexander says this redevelopment will also bring more families to the downtown area.

“We often talk about the 99 neighborhoods that make up Birmingham — downtown Birmingham is a part of that as well so this is a way we also want to continue community revitalization and this is another resource of land vacant buildings down here to bring families back downtown,” Alexander said.

She also believes that this will bring an economic boost to downtown.

“Bringing people who will be spending money, they’ll want to find good schools for their children and be a part of the economic impact here in the city of Birmingham,” Alexander said. “And of course the more dollars they spend the more dollars the more it helps for the bottom line and allows us to spend in other areas in the city of Birmingham.”

The 600 is expected to open summer of 2023.