BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — UPDATE:  The owners say two employees were fired after the low score, all staff was re-trained, and they hope to move forward with their new score of 97 this week.

“I feel so disappointed because all the staff we hired is now changing, I’m so disappointed to get a score as low as like that,” said Angela Yang.

Owen Ou said, “We apologize, we so sorry about that, but we’re picking up right now, so I hope the employees do the right thing.”

ORIGINAL: You might want to adjust your dinner plans after we learned what was going on inside one local restaurant.

Health inspectors cited Sushi Village on Crestwood Boulevard multiple times for unsanitary conditions. The restaurant recently received a health rating score of 76, with some concerning actions that were witnessed by health inspectors.

According to the Jefferson County health inspection report, one of the cooks was chewing gum – handled it to throw it away – and washed his hands only when he was interrupted to do so – before resuming work with food.

Inspectors also watched a sushi chef touch his face repeatedly while working with food.

Additionally, sushi rice in the kitchen and at the sushi bar was still being used three days after its discard date!

Food was also being stored on the floor, which is a health code violation, because it wasn’t stored at least 6 inches above the floor.

It should be noted, the last health rating score for this Sushi Village location was an 89 back in August.

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