Birmingham Subway manager fired after racial slurs were caught on camera

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April 29 2021 07:00 pm

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The manager at the Subway restaurant on Valley Avenue was fired after a video surfaced on Facebook showing her using racial slurs and profanity on Tuesday. 

Antuan Clark recorded the video that has since gone viral and he says the situation happened while he and his family were visiting his sister on her first day on the job at the restaurant. Clark says the manager got upset and cursed at him and then used a racial slur.  

“I am very upset,” Clark said. “I feel this was not necessary and I feel violated and I really plan on doing something about this.” 

Clark says the manager did not want him to stand outside the business window so she asked them to come inside but started cursing and yelling for his family to leave the store soon after. Clark used his cell phone to capture the verbal attack. As a result, the manager fired Clark’s sister.

“I was recording the fact that she was firing my little sister and I felt like it was prejudice, you know?” Clark said. “What I mean — she’s been treating me like I am not a customer and she is the manager and she is the only one that treats me like I am not a customer.”

Subway released a statement Thursday which says:

“We are very upset that this happened and it does not reflect our core values to respect every individual. We welcome all guests to our restaurant and given the unacceptable behavior of the manager, she no longer works for us.  We take this very seriously and have suspended operations until the staff has completed retraining in proper guest interaction.”

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