BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The Birmingham Police Department is investigating a situation where several students at Jones Valley Middle School became ill Tuesday.

According to school officials, Birmingham Fire and Rescue was called to the school Tuesday after several students reported becoming ill after allegedly eating some candy. A reported 13 students were evaluated while one was taken to Children’s of Alabama. After being evaluated, the other students were released to their parents.

“The parent of the student who distributed the candy met with school leaders and said that the candy she purchased at a grocery store did not contain any harmful or illegal substance,” a statement from Birmingham City Schools read.

Leroy Wade, Jr. is an eighth grader at the school. He told CBS 42 he saw a girl had a big bag of candy she was passing out at school. He said he did not take any of it.

“Really what I saw was kids just randomly passing out stuff,” Wade, Jr. said. “A couple of hours ago we were at lunch and a girl she was complaining about her head hurting and then a couple of minutes later we saw her passed out in the hallway.”

Wade, Jr.’s father said this is a lesson for all students and parents to be aware of what they are consuming.

“It’s a learning experience for all of the kids to be honest,” Wade said. “You can’t take stuff from someone. You don’t know what’s in it, what they put in there. They could have opened the wrapper and put something in there and put it back in the wrapper.”

The incident is still under investigation. Birmingham City Schools said health and safety of all students is a top priority.