BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — A new Netflix series explores fried food across the country and one of the episodes focuses on Birmingham.

Fresh, Fried & Crispy” is now available on the streaming service. The show’s host, Daym Drops, visited three Birmingham-area restaurants: Yo’ Mama’s in downtown Birmingham, Little London in Homewood and Pursell Farms in Sylacauga.

Yo’ Mama’s, Downtown Birmingham

Yo’ Mama’s is already popular among locals and the owner knows the show could help her attract more diners.

“It’s really good because overall we can just have a better experience,” owner Crystal Peterson said. “We can give customers a greater quality of food, and we can just keep being good to the city.”

In addition to tasting food, Drops also shares the stories of the restaurants he features. Peterson hopes viewers will get a sense of Yo’ Mama’s family atmosphere.

“We’re a family-owned business, run by family, loved by family and we continue to grow our family,” she said.

Little London Pub, Homewood

Little London first moved into their location in Homewood a year ago – only weeks before the pandemic. They continued operation in their food truck – before even getting the chance to open to the public, Netflix was interested.

Bea Morrissette, co-Owner of Little London, said what she believes sets them apart from other restaurants.

“Chef T [Teresa Cottrell] and I have this concept that everything is about love and flavor in our food. That’s our language. This lady from the south and me from London met and have come to this understanding that all we believe in flavor profiles and love in the food.”

Their fish and chips are served with tartar sauce and a side of some of the thickest and freshest cut french fries on the market. 

On the other side of Red Mountain, The fresh, fried and crispy crew visited Yo’ Mama’s in downtown Birmingham where they’re known for their chicken and waffles – and fried chicken that’s also gluten free. Customers typically order from Crystal Peterson, co-owner and manager.

Pursell Farms, Sylacauga

The Fresh, Fried and Crispy Crew finished their Alabamian culinary adventure at Pursell Farms where Executive Chef Joe Truex works his magic with his specialty fried chicken. The process behind the dish is extraordinary.

“It’s skillet-fried, all hand-done,” Chef Truex said. “Couple days in salt water brine, next day in buttermilk brine, then the fourth day you go to fry it. It’s fried in a mixture of lard infused with smoked hocks and a load of butter. it’s an artisan – a unique fried chicken.”

Now that the world knows about Chef Truex’s 4-day fried chicken, he says even though it’s not always on the menu, if enough people come in looking for it, he’d consider bringing it back.

“I’m evolving my menu constantly,” he said. “I’d be happy to bring these out of retirement, if you will, if we get some demand from the show.”

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of the action, you can go watch the full episode which is streaming on Netflix now.