Birmingham ranked as Alabama’s top BBQ spot in new list

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The study ranked a total of 199 American cities based on three sets of criteria and 14 total metrics. (Getty Image)

(NEXSTAR) – A new ranking of the best “BBQ cities” in America has determined the country’s premiere destinations for quality ‘cue, and four Alabama cities appear on the list.

Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile and Montgomery all made the list, which was published by LawnStarter. To compile the rankings, the company scored a total of 199 American cities based on three sets of criteria, including access to barbecue, the quality of local barbecue and the prevalence of barbecue-based events and festivals.

The highest scoring city in Alabama was Birmingham, which ranked at 46, placing it in the top 25 percent of all rankings.

Huntsville followed at number 68, with the next Alabama locations not appearing until 139 with Mobile and Montgomery at 164.

The top-ranked city, by a wide margin, was determined to be Kansas City, earning a total of 60.14 points for its highly rated barbecue and the number of awards and contest winners that hail from the area.

Chicago and Houston finished second and third, with 46.46 points and 37.51 points, respectively.

At the bottom of the list was Aurora, Illinois preceded by Akron, Ohio and Amarillo, Texas in places 198 and 197, respectively.

The top 20 barbecue cities, as determined by LawnStarter, were ranked as follows:

  1. Kansas City, Missouri (60.14 points)
  2. Chicago, Illinois (46.46 points)
  3. Houston, Texas (37.51 points)
  4. Cincinnati, Ohio (35.88 points)
  5. Memphis, Tennessee (34.08 points)
  6. Louisville, Kentucky (31.47 points)
  7. St. Louis, Missouri (29.86 points)
  8. New York, New York (29.22 points)
  9. Minneapolis, Minnesota (28.61 points)
  10. Overland Park, Kansas (27.26 points)
  11. Washington, D.C. (27.07 points)
  12. Richmond, Virginia (26.47 points)
  13. Denver, Colorado (25.33 points)
  14. Los Angeles, California (25.30 points)
  15. Omaha, Nebraska (25.22 points)
  16. Atlanta, Georgia (25.08 points)
  17. Grand Rapids, Michigan (24.64 points)
  18. Austin, Texas (23.04 points)
  19. Elk Grove, California (23.03 points)
  20. Raleigh, North Carolina (22.87 points)

The full list of 199 cities, from best to worst, can be found at

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