BIRMINGHAM Ala. (WIAT) — Big preparations are now underway for Birmingham to host several big sporting events this spring and summer.

Some of the other major events the city is ramping up for include the World Games, Birmingham Legion FC games, and Birmingham Barons games. The increase in sporting activity is what some city leaders say is helping create a niche in Birmingham to now be recognized as a “sports city.”

Bruno Events Team CEO Gene Hallman is a key player in the city putting on these events and says the region will be booming economically from this.

“Great deal of coordination between both the private and public sector, but I can tell you that our friends in the public sector like the City of Birmingham, Jefferson County and the State of Alabama have been hard at work on the World Games in particular for many years,” he said. “Now they are hard at work on the USFL and making sure we are great hosts for this brand new league.”

Birmingham city leaders credit strategically building infrastructure for facilities like Protective Stadium that is helping make all these mega sporting events possible. Mayor Randall Woodfin and the city council say they are doing their best to make sure things run smoothly.

“We have two stadiums in our city and so from a planning standpoint the World Games have been important since day one– it’ll be here literally in 160 plus days,” Woodfin said. “I think when you tag on this stadium here, USFL will play where Legion FC will play and other events hosted here, we can do it all.

Birmingham city leaders want the community to feel involved in these mega sporting events and encourage the public to volunteer especially for the upcoming World Games. The Magic City will host more than 3,500 athletes and will be showcasing the city on an international scale.

Legion Field is also now beginning to make some upgrades on site ahead of the events being held.