BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Birmingham Police are taking a different approach to generate new leads on cold cases. The Cold Case Unit is planning to highlight unsolved murders on playing cards.

The Birmingham Police Department Cold Case Unit is putting together a list of unsolved murder victims to appear on a deck of playing cards in an effort to generate new leads.

According to Lt. Sean Edwards, the cards will be distributed in jails and prisons throughout the state.

“The way we’re doing it is, we’re taking in the first 52 cases and so it’s going to be by a first come first serve basis.  So as family members who agree to give us information, as it relates to their victims we’re going to put them on the cards. Once we get to the number 52 we’ll begin to distribute those. Now we do know these are sensitive and so we really, the family members who desire to do this, listen it’s a great opportunity to help generate some leads because we want to try to bring them some justice as it relates to their loved ones,” said Edwards.

So far they have clearance for about a dozen cold case victims to appear on the cards and they are still collecting names from interested victim families, according to Lt. Edwards.

If you want your loved one to be included Birmingham police ask that you go to the Birmingham Police Department Cold Case Unit Facebook page, and inbox them with the victim’s name, date of birth and the date they were murdered.

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