JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — A Jefferson County domestic relations judge has been temporarily removed from the bench after being accused of mental instability and inappropriate workplace conduct towards staff, attorneys and litigants.

On Friday, the Judicial Inquiry Commission filed a complaint against Judge Nakita Blocton from the Tenth Judicial Circuit, citing a failure to “preserve the integrity of the judiciary” and alleging that Blocton had engaged in a pattern of abuse toward her staff, as well as other serious offenses.

In the complaint, multiple former employees described Blocton as forcing them to work “unreasonable hours” on short notice, verbally abusing them and even threatening termination if the employees failed to comply with her demands.

View the full complaint here:

Blocton Complaint by CBS 42 on Scribd

The same employees also alleged that Blocton has forced staff members on at least one occasion to take Phentermine–a pill commonly used to diet– to “pep” them up after a late night a work the evening before.

In the same complain, former employees as well as attorneys who worked on cases assigned to Blocton alleged that she or someone under her discretion has at least six aliases under which are multiple Facebook accounts that have messaged said employees and attorneys unsettling and even threatening statements. Former employees allege that Blocton revealed to them that she has full knowledge of these aliases.

The JIC further alleged a pattern of abuse, bias and favoritism of attorneys and litigants; a pattern of inordinate delay of cases; an appearance of drug use or mental instability; a pattern of dishonesty and deception and ex parte and other inappropriate forms of communication with employees, attorneys and litigants.

Emory Anthony, attorney for Blocton, said that she denies all the allegations and has taken a polygraph test that she will submit to the commission at an upcoming hearing to prove her innocence.

“We’re just waiting to have a hearing on everything,” Anthony said. “We hate that they chose to make allegations that are not supported.”

Blocton has been a judge since 2017.