Birmingham homicides higher than this time last year

Local News

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The Birmingham Police Department reports homicide cases in Birmingham are up 7.9% in comparison to this time in 2019.

On Wednesday, the Birmingham Police Department released new crime information days after U.S. Attorney Jay Town tweeted about homicides in the city.

With the hashtag “#Enough,” Town said homicides in Birmingham were trending “in the wrong direction.”

On Wednesday, the BPD tweeted a videotaped statement by Sgt. Rodarius Mauldin breaking down crime statistics in the city, saying most categories were down.

“As it relates to homicides, we have 41 homicides that have been deemed criminal acts, six justifiable death investigations and one non-criminal homicide which was deemed an accidental shooting,” Mauldin said.

Other crimes that were down include:

  • Robberies (down 46%)
  • Rape cases (down 65%)
  • Aggravated assault (down 24%)

This marks a 30% decrease in crime, according to the BPD.

“As you can see we have made progress in our crime fighting efforts, we realize numbers do not overshadow the fact that someone has been victimized by crime and how crime affects the community, therefore, we will continue to work with the city of Birmingham to solve and decrease crime in the city of Birmingham,” Mauldin said.

All of the data released Wednesday is current as of Tuesday, where overall property crimes were also down 27.2%.


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