JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — Traffic congestion in Hoover is a concern for many and work is underway to build a 4-mile connector road to help with the issue.

The road is projected to be built creating a interstate exchange on I-459 South of Shades Crest Road by connecting the Ross Bridge community and the Stadium Trace area. The project is in the early phase but is being met with some concern from the Birmingham Historical Society.

Marjorie White, director of the organization, believes the road could be built along Brock’s Gap. The historic site dates back to the 19th century and was known as a major mining area of the South. White said if the road is being built along Brock’s Gap, the area would be compromised.

“We are creating these rails and trails all over everywhere. The Vulcan trail the trail that goes down downtown Birmingham. Here you have this gorgeous resource just sitting there,” White said. 

Hoover councilman John Lyda said he doesn’t know where connector road will be built.

“The road being built will impact some area. There will have to be construction and a road completed there. But to know exactly where it will go is really premature to know that engineering plans and design and topography will really dictate where that road goes,” Lyda said.

Lyda said it would likely be five to seven years before Hoover can move forward with the project. In the meantime, the city will work to secure funding to build the connector road and get the Alabama Department of Transportation’s approval as well. The Historical Society will continue working to raise awareness on the issue in on the site’s preservation.