BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Barber Motorsports Park is prepping for another big race weekend, which could mean big bucks for the city of Birmingham.

The Indy Grand Prix is in town and Children’s of Alabama is the title sponsor this year.

Birmingham City Councilor Hunter Williams told CBS 42 that the city will see a lot of benefit from showcasing one of the nation’s most unique tracks.

Councilor Williams said the city will likely see an economic impact of about 27 million dollars from this race weekend alone.

He said around 50% of those coming are from out of state with tickets purchased from all 50 states and 6 countries.

Councilor Williams also said Birmingham is one of 17 cities hosting events like this in the entire world.

“It’s a top-notch class-A event and, you know, we’ve been able to host it successfully now for several years,” said Councilor Williams. “And year after year, we see consistency in both the amount of fans coming in as well as that economic impact to the city.”

A local Chevron gas station just down the road from the track told CBS 42 events like this are great for business.

Manager, Debbie Alexander said people come in from all over the world for events at the motorsports park.

She said for years, their Chevron has been one of the visitors first stops outside of the track. Alexander said she loves the unique draw of people the motorsports park brings to area.

“Oh, it’s amazing,” said Alexander. “I mean, it just brings in business all year round because they have stuff going on every weekend over there whether it’s old car auctions, anything like that, so we get business off of them all the time. We love it.”

Cody Price who co-owns Old Smokey Bar-B-Que with his twin brother said people pile in for a bite to eat in their restaurant between races.

As a business owner, he said he loves getting to know the people coming through from all over the country and world.

Price says traffic through their restaurant during a race weekend usually starts mid-week.

“We start with crew members and regular people that come year in and year out,” said Price. “We’ve had people that’s been coming since 2018 here and longer the weekend goes, the busier it gets, and it’s great business and we appreciate everyone.”

Race weekend for the Children’s of Alabama Indy Grand Prix will start on Friday and races will lead up to Sunday’s grand finale.