Birmingham city councilor pushes for early Sunday alcohol sales

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — People living in Birmingham may be inching closer to enjoying a Bloody Mary or mimosa with their Sunday morning brunch.

Right now, law prevents alcohol sales before noon on Sundays, but a city councilor is hoping that can be bumped up to 10 a.m.

The so-called Brunch Bill was passed during the last legislative session. It was later signed by Governor Kay Ivey. 

That bill allows city and county governments to establish a referendum to change the time of alcohol sales on Sundays. 

That would allow brunch-goers to indulge in that mimosa or Bloody Mary at 10 a.m. instead of having to wait until noon.

Councilor Hunter Williams says his office receives several calls about the Brunch Bill. 

“It’s something that the businesses all pretty much in unison want very badly and it’s something that a lot of my constituents and a lot of people that are not even my constituents, just a lot of people, would like the opportunity to go to brunch on Sunday morning and order and alcoholic beverage before noon,” said Williams.

Williams says the city or county would have to establish a referendum in order for anything to move forward, that means the change would go up for a vote.  

“It’s 2018 and not 1918, so some of these old blue liquor laws we really need to get off the books they don’t really have a lot of relevance to the citizens to the taxpayers in the city,” said Williams. 

The idea has some businesses on board.

Grille 29, although not in Birmingham city limits, has experienced customers coming in on Sundays and asking why they can’t order a drink before noon. Jaie O’Banner, the restaurant’s general manager, says that puts the restaurant in a difficult position. 

“Alcohol for us tends to be a 20-30 percent mix of our profitability and taking away that you can see that we’re a little limited to how much money we can actually make off of that,” said O’Banner.

Williams says he plans to continue to bring the issue to the forefront and hopes to get other councilors on board within the new few months. 

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