Birmingham city councilor confident bridge repairs over 6th Avenue South will reduce flooding

Local News

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Heavy rain brings a lot less stress for Birmingham city councilor Crystal Smitherman these days, mainly because it now brings much less flooding to an area that had become synonymous with it.

For decades, the road underneath the 6th Avenue South viaduct bridge flooded whenever large storms passed through the Birmingham area, leading to traffic problems for those in Titusville, West End and other neighborhoods on the west side of town. When the road flooded, it forced them to take long detours to get to work or home.

Now, all that has changed thanks to a construction project Smitherman pushed for. The 6th Avenue South Drainage Project, designed to reduce the level of flooding in the area, wrapped up earlier this year, and Smitherman is confident the flooding will no longer create the kind of headaches it once did.

“Now, I know that I can sleep at night knowing that I won’t get any complaints about flooding, cars getting stuck, infrastructure damage,” Smitherman said.

With heavy rain predicted this weekend, Smitherman will be less worried than she used to be before the construction. She’s already turning her focus to other flood-prone areas in her district and has applied for American Rescue Plan funding to use toward more flood prevention projects.

“Applying for that funding – I pray we get approved for it – will really help to not only improve the lives with Titusville residents with the viaduct, but just in every area of District 6,” she said.

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