BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The Birmingham City Council has revoked the business license of Club Euphoria after the establishment failed to present an adequate safety plan to the council.

On Tuesday, the council voted 7-2 to revoke the business license of Club Euphoria on 15th Street West, months after several people were injured in a shooting just outside the club and a woman was shot to death a couple of miles away.

The council had originally planned to vote on whether or not to revoke the club’s license back in June but ultimately decided to give them 90 days to draw up a safety plan.

Monica Hatcher, an attorney representing the club, spoke to the council today about the plan. She said the club would ensure there was a security officer present, adding another officer for every 75 people. She also said the club would stop outside parking, employ a cleanup crew to improve the area and would work with the off-duty officers with the Birmingham Police Department to patrol the neighborhood.

Detective Pitts from the Birmingham Police Department said that within the last three months the department had received four calls regarding the club, including one about gunshots in the area and another about loud music.

Discussion on Club Euphoria starts at 1:17:30:

During the meeting, several people called to complain, saying they are residents of the area. Grievances ranged from patrons allegedly defecating outside homes to empty beer bottles left in the neighborhood.

“As far as the neighborhood is concerned, we are fed up,” one caller said.

Outgoing councilman Steven Hoyt, whose district includes the club, said it was unfortunate that the surrounding neighborhood had to deal with the nuisance.

“They’ve had an opportunity to do better, and they haven’t,” Hoyt said. “What I don’t want to happen is one of these residents to get killed or shot by some of these patrons who are just going to take over their yard.”

Kasandra Brundidge, zoning supervisor for the city, said Club Euphoria did not meet zoning requirements and that the majority of its parking had not been approved.

Councilmembers Clinton Woods and John Hilliard were the only two of the group to vote against revoking Euphoria’s license.