BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – With another dose of severe weather coming on Friday – businesses in Downtown Birmingham are still cleaning up from Wednesday’s torrential rain.

Heavy rain in a short period of time has temporarily closed Pies and Pints in Downtown Birmingham – and water leaked inside most of these businesses along 20th Street South. It might not have rained for long Wednesday afternoon – but it was just enough to disrupt businesses and interrupt a workout.

“Our members’ experience and their safety is our priority so we made sure that class was good and that everybody could get home,” Orangetheory Executive Director of Marketing Hayden Patton said.

It was business as usual Thursday at Orangetheory Fitness downtown after the quick work of staff to clean up water that pushed its way inside during a fitness class.

“We saw some heavy rains before for sure but never like that where it’s coming up the sidewalks,” Patton said. “It’s crazy.”

City leaders are calling this rain event unusual as it brought nearly four inches in spots, quickly.

“It was an extremely heavy amount of water in a very short period of time,” Birmingham Director of Communications Rick Journey said.  “When we first saw where some of the flooding was taking place we were immediately checking, and these are areas that don’t typically have a flooding problem.”

This is something the city said it is still working to determine while the streets dry out before Friday’s storms. It will continue to investigate why the impact of this storm hit unusual areas.