Bill would let schools give unused food to students in need

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WIAT)– A bill in the Alabama Legislature could allow schools to give unused food to students that are in need. Many schools in Alabama already have a summer or weekend food programs for students.
“We have a lot of poverty in this state, and we have a lot of hunger,” said Sally Smith.

Sally Smith, the executive director of the State School Board Association, agrees with the bill.

“No one wants to see their tax dollars wasted. If we can find a way to better utilize these foods and get them to the organizations that need them, we are all for it,” said Smith.

The Montgomery Area Food Bank says they service roughly 80,000 food-insecure children in the area.
“I’ve always felt as though it is a shame for us to throw away food, when we have hungry children and people,” said Rich Deem.

The bill is sponsored by Republican Representative West Kitchens. 
“I’m excited about this bill; not only will it help us, but it will help the children, and that’s the main thing,” said Deem.

Right now, the bill has over a dozen cosponsors. It is currently awaiting a vote in the House.

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