TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Carrying loaded handguns in your vehicles without permits might soon become a reality in Alabama.

Members of “Bama Carry” a guns rights advocacy group in Northport support the bill. Eddie Fulmer is the President of Bama Carry. He says this would allow citizens to protect themselves and their families while driving on the road and is good legislation.

“We feel like Alabama needs this, we need to be in line with all the other states and allow our citizens to protect themselves in a vehicle without having to purchase a permit,” Fulmer said.

The Alabama Senate approved legislation that would allow people to carry loaded handguns in their cars without permits. Senators voted 27-7 on Tuesday, sending the bill to the House. Current laws require drivers to have a concealed carry permit for loaded handguns. Drivers can carry unloaded handguns if they are secured out of reach.

Fulmer says the bill is especially important for women who might be travelling alone in a car.

“My daughters are both mothers and they feel very vulnerable in the cars if they don’t have a weapon with them and a lot of people only want to carry in their vehicle,” Fulmer said.

Republican Senator Gerald Allen sponsored the bill. He says a person’s car is an extension of your home and gun owners shouldn’t have to obtain permits to carry their gun in their property. The Senate passed similar legislation last year, but the bill failed to pass the House.