Spokesman for Bill Cosby releases new prison photo of comedian


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The spokesman for comedian Bill Cosby says a disturbing new prison photo of the 83-year-old convicted sex offender was leaked because of an upcoming court date.

“We understand why TMZ decided to leak that photo they wanted to remind people my take on it, remind people that his oral argument for his appeal with the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court comes up on Tuesday, Dec. 1,” spokesman Andrew Wyatt told CBS 42’s Art Franklin Thursday.

The photo went viral and sparked questions about Cosby’s health.

“He never recalled, ever taking that picture and the sad thing about it. Whoever took that picture of him,” Wyatt said. “We feel somebody on the inside of the prison. A lot of networks. TMZ has people who get paid. We they slipped that picture to them.”

Wyatt has now released a second photo of Cosby from prison to show he was doing well, adding he took the picture doing a virtual call with Cosby last Monday.

“I not only took pictures but I recorded it, the call the entire call he has his mask on, we talked about his appeal, we talked about the wonderful things in his appeal and he feels these seven judges with the Pennsylvania State Supreme court are going to vindicate him,” he said. “And we feel really good about it.”

Wyatt said Cosby has now been in quarantine for days after six inmates near his cell tested positive for COVID-19. However, he maintained that Cosby is doing well and is coronavirus-free. Cosby is serving a three-to-10-year sentence for a sexual assault conviction. Wyatt said his defense team expected Cosby to be freed earlier this year.

“The problem with him he should already have been released,” he said. “The Governor, Governor Wolfe gave Rev. Jesse Jackson all indications back in April that he was going to release Mr. Cosby with him being elderly.

Wyatt added that Cosby has had two major surgeries in the last year and that his arteries had had 90% blockage.

“They got those removed so he was a candidate who should have been released and remanded for house arrest. They did not do that,” he said. “He is 100% blind due to glaucoma, so he can’t social distance. He has to rely on others to help him so. He’s trying to be as safe as possible. He wears his mask, he washes his hands and they test him regularly.”


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