Biggest phone scam in IRS history continues to grow as tax season approaches

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(WIAT) — Tax filing season is underway, and scammers are trying to take advantage of taxpayers.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury said the biggest phone fraud in IRS history is growing.

Now the government is launching a new campaign to fight back.

The Department issued this public service announcement warning taxpayers about phone scammers who claim to be IRS agents.

They also released the latest numbers of victims targeted. The Treasury Department received nearly 900,000 reports of IRS scam calls since October of 2013.

At least 5,000 victims have paid out more than $26.5 million.

A spokesperson with the Department said there’s one sure way to spot a fake agent.

“The tipoff is, if you don’t pay immediately, you’re going to jail, that is the tipoff,” said Tim Camus. “The IRS would never make a telephone call like that.”

If you do get a call like that, the IRS said you should just hang up.

The Better Business Bureau listed IRS tax impostors as the top scam of 2015.

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