BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Bessemer City Schools is looking to hire several positions across the school system.

According to the school system’s website, 12 non-teaching positions are open for hire. Two of the positions that are currently open are for custodians and cafeteria workers.

Reginald Mitchell, director of facilities and maintenance for the school system, said system needs one custodian for Hard Elementary School and Abrams Elementary School each need a custodian. Mitchell said that despite needing to fill these positions, the teams at the schools have stepped up to ensure all areas of the schools are clean.

“It’s very important that our kids have a clean place to come to, and when anybody comes to your house, the first place they come, they look at the floors and whatnot to see if your building is nice and clean,” Mitchell said.

Ylonda Gray, interim principal at Bessemer City High School, said they need two cafeteria workers. Gray said not having a fully staffed cafeteria significantly impacts the high school, but despite a staff shortage, there has not been a food shortage.

“No child has gone without food,” Gray said. “Our cafeteria workers have done an amazing job providing nutritious meals for our students based on the required components and based on the components required in our state, so right now, we’re just looking for dedicated workers to help us prepare and provide nutritious meals for our scholars.”

Gray said they have turned to the central office and other schools to assist them in their cafeteria this school year. She said having a fully staffed cafeteria allows students to enter and exit the cafeteria smoothly.

Bessemer City Schools Superintendent Autumn Jeter said the school system is competing with other businesses to hire and keep workers by increasing salaries.

“All of our employees, from the CNP cafeteria workers to custodians, received a raise, so we’re continually being competitive with the business market, so we want those individuals to come work for us,” Jeter said.

Jeter said applicants looking to apply can apply on the school system website.