MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — Alabama Governor Robert Bentley appointed Luther Strange to replace Jeff Sessions in the U.S. Senate, but some are asking if the appointment could be problematic for the new Senator.

“It appears and looks like collusion,” said political analyst Steve Flowers. “It looks like brazen collusion. And it almost looks audacious. It’s really a surprising move and a bold move by both of them. And they think that the taint will not continue, but the fire will start burning pretty quickly.”

Flowers said he believes Strange is qualified for the position, and he believes Strange will be a “carbon copy” of Sessions in the Senate, remaining very conservative and toeing the party line.

However, he said Strange’s involvement with the governor taints the appointment.

“There’s already talk in Washington about the taint of Bentley following Strange to Washington,” said Flowers.

Flowers said the taint surrounds the impeachment investigation into Governor Robert Bentley, but Strange says he’s not concerned.

When asked about his former office’s request to suspend the House Judiciary Committee’s investigation of the governor at a press conference announcing his appointment to the Senate Thursday, Strange said,”I don’t’ see it as an issue.”

The request was made to suspend the investigation in November, 2016.

“When the attorney general’s office understood that we were proceeding with a hearing and that it would be rather soon, not later … they immediately got into a discussion that they needed us to pause,” said Mike Jones, R-Andalusia, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

The committee indicated in a release that Strange had said it would be “prudent and beneficial” if the committee suspended its investigation until his office had completed its own probe. The release indicated the attorney general’s office was investigating the governor.

“These requests were made prior to any election, prior to any discussion or even a consideration that this type of appointment would even be an issue, so I have no reason to believe anything other than this was a good faith request,” said Jones.

Strange indicated in a letter to the committee that his office was conducting “necessary related work,” but Strange said his office never said they were investigating Bentley.

“We have never said — and I want to make this clear because I think there’s been some misconception here — we have never said at our office that we are investigating the governor,” Strange said at Thursday’s press conference.

However, political analyst Steve Flowers said the appointment makes it look like there was a deal made between Bentley and Strange, whether there actually was one or not.

“We had a sitting attorney general who openly said he was investigating the governor for corruption and even crimes, and then the governor appoints him to the U.S. Senate seat,” said Flowers.

Governor Bentley appointed Steve Marshall, former Marshall County District Attorney, as the new Alabama Attorney General Friday.