VESTAVIA HILLS, Ala. (WIAT) — An unexpected twist to a TikTok video recorded in Vestavia Hills has sparked a worldwide internet sensation.

Alexis Dinga’s mom asked her to go over to her neighbor Collins Kitchens’ house to borrow an onion for dinner. The girls, who are both students at Auburn University, decided to set her phone up on the mailbox and record a TikTok video. What happened next was pure gold.

A mail carrier stepped into the photo during her route and then joined them. Now, over 29 million views later, she and the girls have gone viral.

Dinga said she’s gotten messages with clips of news stories from as far away as Finland, Croatia, and Turkey and that she’s as surprised as anyone the video has blown up the way it has. The carrier found out through a young family member about her growing popularity.

“She said ‘You made me blow up on TikTok and I said ‘Oh my gosh, I was just looking for you. Have you seen this,'” Dinga said. “And she goes ‘My niece said I have over 150 comments’ and I looked at her and, this was the next morning, and i said ‘Oh honey, you have 60,000 comments.”

This Vestavia Mail Carrier has the best sense of humor and a couple of days later on her route, the three of them went on to make a second video dancing all together which already has more than 6 million views.

After the first video blew up online, the girls stopped the carrier, who has been with the postal service for over 30 years. Dinga said she wanted to get her something, but all she wanted was a box of gloves to use on her mail routes.

Dinga said one thing that people have told her about the video is about how wholesome it is.