Asking for a raise is a daunting task for Americans

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(WIAT) — Have you ever asked your employer for a raise?

Most of us dread cleaning the house, going to the dentist or being audited.

But according to a new study, many Americans prefer those tasks over asking their boss for a raise.

In a new survey from Robert Half, 89 percent of Americans think they deserve a raise, but only 54 percent plan to ask for one.  32 percent said they would rather clean their house, 7 percent said they would actually prefer a root canal.

Robert Half’s Billie Watkins said workers should always go in with a strategy

“I feel like I need a raise and this is why. Here is what I have done for the company. If it simultaneously connects with your performance evaluation, better for you,” said Watkins.

Watkins added if your bosses said no to a raise, they might say yes to better hours or more vacation time.  She said showing confidence is the key.

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