TALLADEGA, Ala. (WIAT) — Community members in Talladega will head to the poles to vote for a new mayor. Current mayor Tim Ragland is not seeking another term in office.

Both candidates in today’s mayoral run-off election are no strangers to Talladega. Ashton Hall and Jerry Cooper were born and raised in Talladega and have been active in public office positions.

Hall said he hopes to be a voice and advocate for their community members. At 22 years old, Hall currently serves as vice chair for the city’s planning commission.

He said Talladega is growing and that he has several ideas for helping the city bring in new businesses.

If elected as mayor, Hall said he wants to create a more community-oriented atmosphere with activities for youth. More than anything, he wants their people to know that he would always be there for them.

“Anytime y’all need anything, you need me to do something, I’m going to make sure I can make the time to assign,” said Hall. “One thing that I learned about when it comes to being in these positions, you know, as an SGA in college in the city, you have to prioritize and be able to set certain times for businesses. As long as you stay focused on how you’re scheduled, you’ll be able to prioritize your time so you can make sure that you’re able to help this organization and this organization, this area and give to them both equally.”

Cooper previously served as mayor from 2015-2019. Now 81 years old, Cooper said he believes he’s got what it takes to help Talladega reach its full potential.

Cooper is keeping specific goals and plans under wraps for now but does say there’s work to be done especially when it comes to bringing in new businesses.

He said he’s a man with experience that knows what it means to work hard and get things done. He also said he would be visible and always make himself available to community members.

“A lot of people have their picture made with you and stuff like that, but that’s not my aim is that kind of stuff,” said Cooper. “It’s to help Talladega and Talladega needs help right now. And the administration is doing their best to get these things going like it should be.”

Voting will take place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. today.

Poll Locations:

Ward 1- B.N. Mabra Center

Ward 2- Brecon Recreation center

Ward 3 and 4- Spring Street Recreation Center

Ward 5- Bemiston Recreation Center