BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — After 10 days of sports competitions across the Birmingham area, the 2022 World Games officially closed Sunday.

The event also offered several activities and events, like concerts, interactive experiences, and different vendors something that many people have given positive reviews about.

Birmingham residents Lindsey Chitwood and her daughter, Margot, said they enjoyed watching the events like flag football and sumo wrestling both in-person and online. Most of all, they said they enjoyed seeing people from around the world learn more and experience Birmingham.

“I think it’s cool that they chose this city to host the World Games,” Margot Chitwood said. “You get to see all the different cultures around the world, and I’ve learned about a lot of new sports.”

“I just really love the thought of all these people walking around Birmingham,” Lindsey Chitwood said. “I know we have been talking about Birmingham history, which is important, and I think we are putting our best foot forward to move on into the future.”

Some local businesses are also praising the World Games, such as Birmingham food truck A-Train Station. Co-owner Careese Agee said it was a win all week long because locals and people from around the world have supported his business. He said it was an experience he’ll never forget.

“I’ve had a chance to showcase my food not only to people locally but to people all over the world,” Agee said. “To be a part of that was great, and just getting feedback from people overseas is a great feeling.”

Athletes who competed in the World Games say they had many memorable and enjoyable moments in the city. Members of the New Zealand beach handball team said they enjoyed the hospitality in Birmingham and are looking forward to coming back someday.

“I would love to bring my family back, I’m sure we all love to visit again, and have a reunion one year and come back and see all you amazing people,” New Zealand beach handball team member James Cochran said.