BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — As temperatures dramatically drop this weekend, many throughout the city are in need of a place to keep warm.

Local shelters like Jimmie Hale Mission and Firehouse Ministries are stepping up to help.

Both shelters are making efforts to keep their doors open for all in need, but to do so successfully, they say they are in need of community support.

Anne Rygiel with Firehouse Ministries says, for some, their services make the difference between life and death.

“It really is a matter of saving lives, and unfortunately we see that played out over and over and over again,” said Anne Rygiel who serves as Executive Director of Firehouse Ministries.  

Because of the cold temperatures this weekend, Jimmie Hale Mission is providing an overnight warming station- what Perryn Carroll says is an extension of their overall mission.

“We want to help lead people from homelessness and hopelessness, to re-entering society as contributing productive member of the community,” said Perryn Carroll who is Executive Director at Jimmie Hale Mission.

Though it brings them joy to provide extra services like this, Carroll says inflation has placed a strain on their available funds and doners.

“We do receive notes that say, ‘I’m sorry, I’ve been giving every month, but I just can’t this month, but we have you in our prayers.’ And we really appreciate those prayers, and we understand that inflation is hitting everyone,” Carroll said.

Both shelters say they will continue to provide services for as many as possible, but donations from the community are always needed and appreciated.

Donations needed for the Jimmie Hale Mission warming stations include bottled water, oranges, bananas, breakfast bars, and twin size washable blankets.

Donations needed at Firehouse Ministries include laundry detergent, tennis shoes, jackets and jeans. Rygiel says anything you use in your home, they use at Firehouse Ministries, just in larger quantities.

“If we can save a life by providing basic needs like food and shelter, we can also restore dignity and hope,” Rygiel said.

For more information about how you can help through volunteering or donating, you can visit each shelter’s website at and