BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – Birmingham-based artist Sarah Woodall has lived in the area since childhood and has been cultivating her love for art for as long as she can remember.

Woodall’s first apartment was in Forest Park, and this is when her interest in creating and selling art began to grow.

“It really all began in my little Forest Park apartment, when I finally started pushing myself,” said Woodall. “It was the perfect combination of me living alone for the first time and searching for myself, while living in this little creative pocket of the city.”

Woodall started out painting Birmingham’s city-scape, and said she was so inspired by the city that it often scared her.

As Woodall began to get her bearings in the area, she was able to face her fears. “All of a sudden it wasn’t scary anymore, it was beautiful, and I wanted to paint it.”

“Any time I would attend an art show or any other sort of creative event, I always felt a strong yearning to be participating in some way,” Woodall said.

Although Woodall’s art started out as just paintings, it has since transformed into t-shirts, prints and greeting cards as well, all with the help of her husband, Allan.

“Other than my paintings, any piece of my art that exists, exists because of my husband,” Woodall said. “He taught me to screen print, and we work together to print all of my shirts, magnets, ornaments and prints by hand. It wasn’t until this year that we began printing digital prints.”

In addition to creating art, Woodall also works full time for a chemical company that her grandfather founded in the 1970s. Her father currently runs the business, and Woodall just celebrated her 10 year anniversary with the company as a marketing coordinator.

When she’s not at work or working on new art to share with the community, Woodall enjoys riding her bicycle and walking her dogs with her husband, making movies, creating floral arrangements or entertaining friends.

“My favorite Birmingham activities are watching movies at the Alabama Theater, walks around Railroad Park, Sidewalk Film Festival, Artwalk, getting drinks at a brewery (TrimTab is my favorite), and trying new restaurants,” said Woodall.

Additionally, Woodall recommends out-of-towners or those new to the area visit Sloss Furnace, Vulcan, Regions Field and Morris Avenue.

If you’re interested in viewing and purchasing Woodall’s art, you can click here or see her at Birmingham’s monthly Art Crawl, which will take place on October 1.

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